The Illinois Prairie Path is one of my favorite trails to walk, especially in spring. An abundance of wildflowers line the trail in various sections; these flowers in full bloom offer inspiration for my artwork. During the fall and winter, bare stems offer great silhouette shape ideas.

I also draw inspiration from downtown Chicago; both soaring skyscrapers and sturdy brick and stone structures ignite my imagination. Other sources of inspiration include soaring dragonflies, caterpillars making their way across the concrete, vintage objects, American and European Abstract Expressionist paintings, and geometric and ornate shapes incorporated into Islamic art and architecture.

Art media I use most frequently are: watercolor paints, liner pens, and brush pens. I’m also trained in acrylic paints.

Using both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, I create prints with interiors and apparel in mind. But I most enjoy observing how the perfect pattern or placement print can add such warmth and/or character to an interior space.

We are surrounded by nature, patterns and beautiful artwork. Through my designs I aim to contribute to this stimulating visual landscape.