Affiliate Disclosure


Annette here. As a matter of transparency I want to disclose that certain text and image-based hyperlinks on this website will direct you to affiliate links. This means that I’ll earn a small commission should you make a purchase using those links.

Please know that I’ll only suggest products and services that I’ve used or those that come highly recommended to me by individuals I trust and respect.

I incorporate affiliate links into my blog posts and web pages in order to contribute to financial support needed to offer free content on this website. The cost of a product or service will not increase if you make a purchase through the affiliate link(s) on this website. I’ll simply earn a small commission by recommending you to that company.

As this site grows, it might become more difficult to make sure that every single link on the site comes with a clear disclosure that it is or is not an affiliate link. That being said, please assume that any and all links that direct you to a service, product, course, etc. are affiliate links. But I’ll do my best to make that clear on every page where there’s an affiliate link.

Again, I only provide links and promotions to products and services I truly stand behind!

If you have any questions, please contact me.