License for Free Resources

Free resources downloaded from can be used for personal and commercial projects without attribution. (Feel free to link back to this website if you’d like to give credit.)


  • If used commercially, they can not be resold as-is; they must be incorporated into a greater piece of artwork.
  • Free resources cannot be offered as free by you. If you believe others might benefit from free resources provided by, please direct them to the original page or post link on this website.


Download Free Resources Terms of Use PDF

License for Paid Digital Resources

Purchasing products from this website grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use, modify and reproduce the product worldwide, in perpetuity, as expressly permitted by the specifics of this license listed below:

You MAY:

  • Use installable products in multiple end products (as an exception to the single end product), as long as such products are only installed on a single computer. Examples of installable items include: layer styles, patterns, brushes, textures, fonts, etc.
  • Modify or manipulate the item, or incorporate it into other content and make a derivative work from it.
  • Use the item in a new end product so long as it is not used alone, but instead as elements or parts of a new design (regardless of how much the item has been modified or how much of the new design it makes up).


  • You may not sublicense, resell, share, transfer, or otherwise redistribute the item on its own (e.g. as stock, in a tool or template, with source files, and/or not incorporated into an end product) under any circumstances, not even for free.
  • You may not make the Item available on a digital asset management system, shared drive, or the like for the purposes of sharing or transferring the Item, and you must not permit an end user of the end product to extract the Item and use it separately from the end product.
  • You may not publicly display the Item: (a) as a standalone file in any digital format on the internet; or (b) in any digital format without imposing technical or written restrictions to prevent the unauthorized use of the Item by third parties. You agree to take all commercially reasonable steps to prevent third parties from accessing and/or duplicating the Item.
  • You may not register as a trademark the item or the end product incorporating the item – not even logos. If you use the Item to create a logo for yourself or a client, keep in mind that third parties can use the Item too, even in another logo.
  • You may not falsely represent, expressly or by way of reasonable implication, that any Item was created by you or a person other than (the copyright holder).
  • You do not have the rights to distribute the product with client proofs, or in unflattened files.
  • You do not have the rights to share the product with clients or other designers (They must purchase their own license).
  • You do not have the rights to offer the product in a giveaway or promotion.


If you have any questions about these terms, please contact me